Thu. Nov 26th, 2020


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10 Signs Indicating That the Kidneys Are Not Functioning Properly


Everyday human body performs tons of actions. With the hectic daily schedule, people generally neglect the signal sent by the body regarding its health. Gradually, it gets severe day-by-day and the health declines drastically. This blog deals with 10 early signs indicating the improper function of the kidneys that needs immediate medical attention. Read on to know.

1. Trouble sleeping

Due to the malfunctioning of the kidneys, toxins cannot remove from the body via urination and deposited in the main bloodstream. It increases the toxins levels which make you feel difficulty with sleeping. As less you sleep as it will decline the functional ability of the kidneys. 

Warning: Sleep Apnoea is more common in the persons withChronic Kidney Disease. It causes the breathing pause during sleeping. The pause can last for a few seconds to a couple of minutes. After the time period, normal breathing will usually start with the loud snoring. Constant heavy snoring indicates that there is something wrong regarding your health and you should discuss with a doctor immediately.   

2. General Weakness, Fatigue and Headaches

Apart from working perfectly, healthy kidneys will help in the conversion of Vitamin D for keeping strong skeleton. It also helps in the production of the hormone known as EPO (Erythropoietin). This hormone is highly important as it is responsible to produce necessary numbers of Red Blood Cells (RBCs).

Due to the improper function of the kidneys it cannot generate much EPO and indirectly declines the rate of RBCs which lead to the quick fatigue of brain and muscles.

Warning: These symptoms are common for the individuals with Chronic Kidney Disease. Gradually, it will lead to the occurrence of Anaemia. So, despite of proper sleep and rest, if there is any experience of tiredness, doctor consultation is needed without any delay. You will be advised to undergo private full blood test in London at a reliable clinic if necessary. 

3. Having itchy and dry skin

Healthy kidneys work non-stop for removing the excessive fluid and waste from the body so that it generates Red Blood Cells (RBCs). By this way, the right minerals amount in your body can be maintained throughout. Dry and itching skin is the warning sign of the kidney failure as it disturbs the balance of essential nutrients and minerals which result in kidney and bone disease.

Warning:In case, you are encountering itchy and dry skin for long, you are advised to stay hydrated as long as possible. You should take any medication on consultation with the doctor. Several medications contain certain ingredients that can affect the functions of kidneys.

4. Experiencing metallic taste and bad breath

When waste gets accumulated in the blood, it affects the taste buds badly and changes it. You will receive an unusual metallic taste in the mouth. Another potential sign of the contamination of excessive toxins in the blood is bad breath. Additionally, it will resist the craving of meat and even the appetite will get lost. As a result, you will experience unhealthy weight loss. 

Warning: Metallic taste of the foods can be obtained due to several reasons (deteriorated oral health and allergies). Ideally, it can get treated within a short span of time. If it persists for long, book an immediate appointment with your doctor.

5. Breathing shortness

There are 2 factors supporting the relation between breathing shortness and kidney disease. First of all, the non-removed extra fluid passes into the lungs due to improper function of the kidneys. Secondly, anaemia occurs which causes the body to get deprived from oxygen and results in the breathing shortness.

Warning: Several reasons are there for breathing shortness ranging from heart failure, lung cancer to asthma and kidney failure.If you are encountering itfrequently then, consult with the doctor on an urgent basis.

6. Swelling in hands, feet and ankles

After starts failing, kidneys will be unable to excrete sufficient fluid and waste from your body. As a result, it will lead to the retention of sodium that is the prime culprit of hands, feet and ankles swelling. Swelling of lower body parts is also a warning sign of issue of leg veins or liver and heart disease.

Warning: In this case, one should limit the intake of common salt and take right medication. This will regularise the removal of excess fluid that will alleviate the swelling to the said areas. If these get failed then, you need an immediate medical attention.

7. Feeling back pain

Failure of the kidneys can make you feel excruciating lower back pain. It will be deep and mainly originates at the below rib cage. Even its intensity is so high you can feel it in the front of hip area of groin.

If there is any kidney cyst; experience of pain at the leg and back is very common. It is so; because cysts are much likely to sacs filled with fluid which if gets severed can result in the formation of polycystic kidney disease.

Tip: If there is back pain due to kidney failure then it will be accompanied with other symptoms such as frequent urination, vomiting, increased body temperature and feeling of sickness. On the other hand, there isn’t any correlation of usual back pain with back pain due to kidney failure. However, if it continues to persist even after taking relief pills then, it is better to consult with the doctor. 

8. Puffy eyes

Improper function of the filter system of kidney can be determined at an early stage with the help of puffy eyes. As it increases the protein content in the urine it will lead to the puffiness to the surrounding areas of the eyes. It clearly states the excretion of higher amount of essential protein through urination rather distribution it to the various body parts.

Tip: In case you are consuming right amount of protein and receiving proper rest then, there shouldn’t be any chance of kidney malfunction. Still, if you notice puffiness surrounding your eyes, make an appointment with the doctor as earliest as possible for proper treatment.

9. High Blood Pressure

Both kidneys are circulatory system is interlinked with each other. Kidneys contain small nephrons which help in filtering extra fluids and waste from the blood. In case, the blood vessels are damaged, enough nutrients and oxygen cannot be able to reach the blood resulting in High Blood Pressure. Gradually, it severely affects the health of kidneys and lead to its failure.

Tip: It is important to know the ways to regularise the blood pressure level for the prevention of kidney failure. One should include folic acid-rich foods to the diet chart as it regulates the development of RBCs (Red Blood Cells) for the prevention of anaemia.

10. Constant urinal changes

Kidneys have an integral role to play for excreting waste by producing urine. Constant changes in the colour, appearance and odour of urine is a potential symptom of improper function of the kidneys. One should not ignore the frequent changes of urine which are mentioned below:

  • Increased frequency of urination especially at night. Normal urination rate a day is 4-10 times.
  • Urination with the traces of blood. Healthy kidneys will filter the urine only from the blood. In case, its starts losing its efficiency, blood will naturally leek into urine.
  • Foamy urine is a strong sign of malfunctioning of the kidneys. Urine filled with bubbles indicates the presence of unwanted protein in the urine.

Hence, from the above discussion it is clear that kidney issue can be arisen anytime. One shouldn’t neglect any warning sign during its initial stage. Instead perform the necessary tests by visiting the clinic of walk in blood test in London. But at first, you are recommended to consult with the doctor for better diagnosis. So, fix an appointment today!