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2 Best Methods to Change Video Frame Rate with Ease


Going through video forums, here is one question leaving me a deep impression that is how to change the frame rate of a video to enhance the watching experience. And more similar questions such as what is frame rate, how to adjust frame rate, etc. But all questions are focused on one key word “frame rate”.The term called as frame rate is one of the oldest term in the past time, but it still plays an important role on video nowadays. Keep reading this article, you will know more about frame rate, how it works and how to change it easily.

What is frame rate? How it works?

In short, frame rate is the number of how many frames are appeared on a video per second. This term also applies to film, video cameras, computer graphics and motion capture system.  The unit for frame rate is fps. In the meanwhile, the more frame rate is, the more accuracy of the motion is. Thus, the frame rate of one video is greatly impact the feel and look of people’s vision.

Low frame rate produces a video in low quality with a bit choppy and strobe, consuming less space of disk. In contrary, high frame rate creates a video in big size consuming more space but with a high quality that every motion is to be viewed clearly.

2 Best Methods to Change Video Frame Rate with Ease

How to change frame rate of a video?

You probably have found that it’s not easy to change frame rate. Therefore, the easiest and quickest method to adjust frame rate of a video as you like is to find one professional tool to give you a hand. Luckily, with the rapid development of technology, here are plenty of good tools to change frame rate. Among these tools, here I select the best two programs performed well in this field.

Method 1: Change frame rate via VLC

Although VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player, there’s also a video editing function allowed you to make changes to video. When you try to change the frame rate, head to “Media”, then click “Add” button to insert the video you want to change frame rate and hit “Convert/Save”. Here is a new window pop up. Press “Edit selected profile” and go to “Video Codec”. Choose the desire frame rate on the frame rate box and click “Save”. Last of all, press “Browse” to select one path folder to save the file and hit “Start” to change the frame rate smoothly.

Method 2: Adjust frame rate, bit rate, channel, etc. by WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

To adjust frame rate, one of the best alternative for VLC is WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, a professional and powerful video box. It’s not only a frame rate adjusting tool, but also a one-stop video box including converting video to various formats and portable devices, downloading video/audio from hundreds websites, and editing video as basic needs. One thing is mentioning that only three steps can complete frame rate changing process.

Detailed guidelines to convert frame rate with a few clicks

To start, free download this frame rate converter from its official product page and install it on your PC. Now, follow these step-by-step guidelines to fix frame rate issue easily.

Step 1: Load target files into the frame rate converter

After installed, simply make it run. Here are five main functions on the intuitive UI. Click “Converter” icon to go to conversion function. Press “Add Files” to load target files into the box. Or you can directly drag and drop the files instead. Batch conversion is supported on this tool which means you can load up to 10 files at once.

Step 2: Change frame rate

Head to “Parameter settings” under the output format icon. Then go to the frame rate box, here are a wild range of fame rates provided for you to choose. As you can see, it’s not just a video frame rate converter, at the same time, it’s able to change encoder, resolution, bit rate of video, plus boosting volume of audio with ease.

Step 3:  Start frame rate conversion process

Don’t forget to click the folder like icon to choose one path folder to save the converted files. Hit “Run” button and start the whole frame rate conversion process.

2 Best Methods to Change Video Frame Rate with Ease

In the end

From above methods, you can learn a good method to change frame rate easily as you wish. Personally, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is my prior choice for its batch video conversion at once, what’s more, convert video to other formats is much practical for my video making. In short, both methods can easily achieve the goal of frame rate fixing issue. Choose one to have a try. For further questions and other suggestions, I would love to hear form yours in the comments section.