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4 Practical Ways to Double Ecommerce Sales Conversation Rate

4 Practical Ways to Double Ecommerce Sales Conversation Rate

Ecommerce business is considered one of the leading businesses in the entire world. With one-click buying facility, easy to use interface, and reachable to more target audience, e-stores become a global trend. As the internet comes in trending, the eCommerce business gets high demand. But one of the main factors that often beginners or medium-sized eCommerce stores get stuck in is the sale conversation rate.

With many eCommerce CMS (content management system) getting attach to Woo-commerce, Shopify or magneto, you avail opportunities to boost your e-store. Taking services like woocommerce hosting, e-store builders, you ensure the reliability and reduces the overall business cost. But after sometimes, you feel difficult to double the eCommerce sales conversation rate.

Whether you are a beginner, expert, or at a medium level, your wish is always about increasing the e-commerce sales conversation rate.But how to do it? Let’s discuss the best practical ways to resolve your issues.

What is the sale conversion rate?

The sale conversion rate refers to the traffic that comes to your e-commerce store and purchases any of the items. This whole process of coming to your website and purchasing the desired item is called a sale conversion rate. As the conversion rates are based on sales, therefore, they hold vital importance for every e-commerce store.

To calculate the conversion rate, you need to divide the number of conversion within the given time, with the total visitors or people who buy it, then divide it by 100. Hence, you will get sales conversion rates easily.

Once you know it, then let’s move towards the tactics which help e-store owners to double eCommerce sales conversion rates.

1. Site speed

Within a single second delay, you can face a 7% reduction in conversion; this indicates its importance—the site speed matters in every aspect. Whether you are earning from Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, or selling your products or services, once your website suffers from low speed, your business gets down. So how to improve it?

The easy and effective practice to improve your site speed includes:

  • Optimize image
  • Recheck your hosting plans to identify the needs and wants
  • Always check page speed analytics to know where you are standing.

2. Improve Your Site SEO

This is another way to double eCommerce sales conversion rates without facing any hurdle. You need to combine SEO and CRO together to increase conversion and traffic. In SEO, you optimize keywords to rank your site higher, while CRO (conversion rate optimization) optimizes content for the targeted audience to drive them to call to action.

3. Adopt Responsive designs

Responsive design is one of the most neglected parts of beginners. You need a responsive design that responds to various devices by fitting screens effectively. This allows users to view your website on any device without any hurdles. Therefore, ultimately it doubles the eCommerce sales conversion rates.

4. Always Prefer High-Quality Image

Ensure that you use high-quality images & videos for your listed products. It should look genuine and indicates the right prices. Once you are done with your product page, always recheck to know whether it optimizes completely or not. This is an important step that helps you to double the conversion rates.