Sun. Jan 24th, 2021


Real Simple

6 Reasons To Make Cakes The First Love Of Your Life


There aren’t any reason I am going to change my mind for & believe that cake is not the first love of my life. Yes, cakes are the first love of my life and it is as simple as that. I mean, why would it be? If I am sad, I want a cake, If I am happy, I want a cake, if my boss pisses me off, I definitely need a cake. So, yes, the cake has been on the bigger picture in my life. Honestly, I wait for anything to happen in my life and I react to it by getting an online cake delivery and if nothing happens then, I definitely get a cake just because I was bored.

6 Reasons To Make Cakes The First Love Of Your Life

So, that’s how I pretty sum up my undying love for cake. I was pretty small when I started falling for this treat and before I could set my taste for regular food, my taste buds chose to be with cakes and the deal made was forever. Now, if you have doubts as to why you should make cakes the only love of your life, then, I am surely going to throw logic at you and trust me, by the end of this article, you might be having the greatest realization of your life. So, let’s get started!

The Cake Doesn’t Yell At Me: No, I am not crazy. This generation is known to lose its cool at the speed of light. Yes, when everybody keeps on yelling at one another, it is my cake that never yells at me. So, don’t you think yelling back at your partner for yelling at you would be no use instead of getting yourself a treat of lemon cake would be much better? Indeed, it would be.

It Is Always There For Me: Well, when nobody is by your side especially during the times, you need someone the most, it is a cake who will always be available for you. Yes, you need someone to boost your mood, there you go, order cake online Gurgaon and it’s there at your doorstep, waving at you. So, next time when you think you are alone and no one is by side, just think of this delicious and pretty looking delicacy. Obviously, you may be needing a warm hug, which a chocolate cake might not be able to give, but when the chocolate will melt in your mouth, you will feel the same exact feeling and comfort.

Cakes Always Bring A Reason To Celebrate: Well, if you are bored and feel excitement is lacking from your life then why not get a cake and a bunch of friends and celebrate occasions like, “a random night,” or “a breezy weekend evening.” Yes, you are never out of the celebration. With cake, every day can be a celebration already.

Cakes Provide Comfort: Well, when I say that I mean just with the first spoon of a delicious cake, my soul feels to have gotten its salvation. Yes, it refreshes my mood, makes me a happier person and I tend to get more positive in life. Like who doesn’t enjoy the vibe of standing in their kitchen wearing their most comfortable pyjamas and hopping into my favorite flavored cake. Ahh, what a relaxing moment it is indeed for me. So, instead of going out on parties and being all sophisticated, get yourself a cozy treat at home.

I Can Eat It Anytime: Well, a cake is that one treat that I can hop onto at any time and any meal. Also, a cake can be enjoyed as a dessert after the meal. Be it morning, lunch or your dinner, a cake as a dessert after these meals are like icing on the cake. I can never get enough of cakes. Honestly, I have never ever got bored of these and that’s the best thing about cakes.

Makes Your Loved Ones Happy: A cake is not just a prophet for you but it also showers happiness on your loved ones as well. Yes, If you happen to mess with your beloved unintentionally, the cake will be there to help you out of it. If you want to make your beloved feel special and loved, go for a cake which keeps them on her toes, Or just send cake online to their doorstep and surprise them for more joy.

So, get your hands on your favorite cake for no reason and be the happiest person on Earth.