Thu. Nov 26th, 2020


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7 Steps To Write a Book Successfully


Have you been thinking for years about that story that flitters through your mind, but you still haven’t dared to shape it? Here are a few tips to write your own book:

Always write in the same place

There are theories that it takes 21 days for the brain to acquire a habit. This means that as soon as we cross that barrier and reach the 22nd day, everything will become much easier and procrastination will decrease.

Choose the place where you are best emotionally to write. This does not mean that you have to build a writing temple in your home, but we all have a place we go to when we want to disconnect from the world and focus on one task.

Empty your mind at the time

7 Steps to write a book successfully

The act of emptying your mind even though it sounds strange is super useful. As writers, inspiration can strike us at any time; taking a walk on the beach or mountain, at the bus stop, working, etc.

If possible, take advantage of that moment to write down all the ideas on paper or through your smartphone, downloading an application that allows you to write by voice. In Google drive you have this option available by opening a new document and activating the microphone.

Each step is a small achievement, divide your project

The moment of truth has arrived, to define the structure that your book will have. Suddenly thinking about writing a 400-page work can make you very dizzy and even lead you to abandon the idea.

Separate this great idea you have in mind into small pieces. View it schematically. The time has come to take advantage of the ability we all had in college or university to summarize dense topics in diagrams and graphics.

A tip is to define all the tasks that you will do per week. Write down what you will focus on each day and do not divert your attention to another part of the book. It is always better to finish a task before moving on to the next than to have several open at once and not finish any. This will lead to demotivation and possible abandonment.

Unearth your big idea

Of all the ideas you have come up with to write your book, which one do you think is the best? The one that will fit your target readers? My advice is to try to write about a subject that you are passionate about as well as being knowledgeable about. In this way you will feel like writing every day, becoming your moment of liberation. Try to convey the motivation you feel when you write to your readers, this will be the key to engagement.

However, if you have an amazing idea but you don’t have enough time to write a whole book or novel but you desperately want to publish it no matter what, you can then just turn to the book writing consultants. They can help you write a book under your guidelines.

Write every day at the same time

Once all the previous steps have been completed, it is very important that you define a block of time to write and repeat it every day. The ideal is to write about six hours a week that you can divide however you like; in three days, in two, or in one hour every day from Monday to Saturday.

Put a deadline for the completion of your book

Setting a date is a key measure to reach your goal. In this case it is better to apply the principle of better done than perfect. When it comes to writing a book, we tend to be perfectionists and we can give our work a thousand twists and turns entering a deadlock.

Scheduling your schedule each day with a block of time to write until the deadline is a very effective measure. It will serve as an element of pressure and preparation so that when your book is a success, you can meet the deadlines and deadlines imposed by publishers.

Do not forget to disconnect your email and Social Networks

Email and social media are the main causes of our daily procrastination, so it is very important to keep them under control. How many times do you check if any new email has arrived in your inbox? Constantly keeping an eye on the mail is attending to requests from third parties and diverting your attention from your main project: writing a book.