Tue. Nov 24th, 2020


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A Guide to Improve the Sales of Your Plumbing Business through Marketing in 2020


Managing a plumbing business in 2020 is challenging but serves as an excellent opportunity for business owners to capture the untapped market. Surely, you may not be informed enough about running a plumbing business, because for many plumbing is all about fixing your broken pipes, maintenance, and checking.

Unlike other industries that have the capability and wits to target a particular audience, the plumbing business is uniquely different and has just a single market all year round. Your customers mostly come to you with issues and how you can fix them in a cohesive manner.

But unlike other industries and businesses, you too can create a sound marketing strategy for your plumbing business. If you are not sure how to start and what strategies to apply, follow these guidelines catered to give you maximum information about targeting your plumbing business to your audience.

1. Have you tried promotional products?

Before we talk about anything else, have you tried bringing in promotional products in your business? If not, you have a great opportunity to advertise your business to your audience. Suppose you have received an urgent call from a client about a possible leakage at their home.

You visit their house, fix their issue, and collect the cash for your services. You can enhance your business by also handing out promotional products like pens, keychains, and business cards to your customers so that they call you again the next time they face any difficulty.

The best part about promotional products is that it works parallel to the sub-conscious marketing strategy. All you need to do is create resonance in their minds about your products and services, and you can easily do that with the help of promotional products.

When participating in tradeshow exhibitions or visiting a customer for a job, always wear custom embroidered plumbing uniforms with your business message and logo. This way, your customers will remember your brand and may call you the next time when they need plumbing help.

2. Establish your business presence online

The best part about marketing your business online is that you can do it at a minimal cost and target a broad audience as compared to offline marketing, where you need to visit-door-to-door, invest in flyers, billboards, etc. and spend a lot of time.

If you are not sure about where to start marketing online, you can always hire the services of an experienced digital marketing organization. They will help you create a brand persona online, advertise your products and services on social media platforms through paid marketing campaigns, develop engaging plumbing-related content, generate traffic, and business leads online.

You can achieve all these things with one company, and they will charge you a nominal fee and offer you practical business solutions online.

3. Your plumbing website can generate a lot of traffic

You probably did not start your plumbing business to sit behind a computer all day long and generate potential leads online. We get that. But you need to understand that a large chunk of your audience is spending more time online than they are spending offline.

Similarly, a website for your business works like a personal card where you list down your services, the benefits of working with you, and how effective you are as an organization. If you don’t have a website online, hire a professional web-developer, and explain what you need on a website.

You can add many things, or may keep it certain, depending on your business scale, and your target audience. If you have multiple branches in different cities, you can list down the offices where customers can come and contact you.

Ultimately, you will be able to attract a large audience online, and your website will generate enough traffic and increase your sales.

4. Allow customers to give you reviews online

Online reviews help a great deal in reaching out to your prospects and existing customers. Positive customer reviews about your business are vital to expanding your plumbing business. According to marketing research, nearly 35% of the customers online reach out to the plumbers from customer reviews and referrals.

Once you have completed your service and have been paid in full, ask your customers to write a detailed review of your business. What they like and what they don’t, so that you can work on improving your services. Don’t be shy about accepting customer feedbacks as it will only help you in the long run in creating a robust platform online for your business.