Fri. Nov 27th, 2020


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A Proven CRM Solution For Your Business

A Proven CRM Solution For Your Business

World IT Zone drives clients experience in manifold ways like never before for a business. For example, it enables improved business decision-making processes, drives profits and curbs inefficiencies related to client data management. As a leading provider of business software solutions to small, medium and large –sized businesses, World IT Zone boasts of lots of customers across the world helping more than hundreds and thousands of organizations in over 5+ countries driving their marketing and client service processes daily.

Mobile CRM

Did you know: Companies with a strong CRM system have witnessed 30% increase in sales and 60% improvements in productivity.

World IT Zone offers CRM software for salespeople with the most prominent aptitude to work from their smartphones or mobile devices irrespective of where they are located purely. This makes sure that they receive and get access to instant, up-to-date and real time insights pertaining to client data even when on the run. Simply put, our mobile CRM system confirms that the sales team enjoys real-time and direct access to client data so that they never miss out on important customer meet-ups and appointments thus, driving successful deal closure.

Intelligent Reporting

Know where your business stands among your competitors, and go on to make more informed and sound business decisions with our sales CRM software. Yes, World IT Zone CRM is amongst one of the most trustworthy online CRM solutions in Delhi, India that offers a 360-degree view of your clients along with insightful analytics and intelligent reports related to customers’ buying history, preferences, behaviors, etc., all from a single and easy to use dashboard. All in all, World IT Zone CRM system helps you leverage the power of intelligent client information and insights to skyrocket your sales.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience

World IT Zone updates CRM system for sales process, cut shorts sales cycle and helps you make the best from your opportunities and prospects in your sales pipeline. Our Sales CRM is a champ when it comes to automating critical sales tasks like creating orders/quotes, predicting sales, driving leads and then changing them into opportunities using smarter workflows. In addition, the marketing persons can identify and track the sources for chances, leads and closed deals through our sales CRM software. Eureka! Your marketing people can utilize this data to come up with more targeted and custom-made marketing campaigns.

Social CRM

World IT Zone comes CRM system with the innate skills to integrate with key social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. helping your business network and connect with prospects and clients. This helps the sales and marketing teams to not only engage with prospects/customers in a cooperative way, but also helps them to generate quality leads, drive brand loyalty, improve client retention, enhance client experience, develop strong relationships and most importantly, drive revenue. Long story short, our Social CRM software puts your business where your clients are i.e. social media channels, driving engagement and brand recall.

Customer Intelligence

Wondering on how to unlock client intelligence? World IT Zone CRM software can help you with that. Yes, our online CRM software helps you collect as well store humongous volumes of client information that will help you in multiple ways. Having all the vital client data on a single platform and in consolidated manner will help you know your clients in a much better way. Yes, you can identify a customer’s buying pattern, purchase history, interests, location, etc. Long story short, our sales CRM system can help you turbocharge sales by helping to identify and learn what your clients are truly interested in to offer personalized service and improved client service/support.

Stronger Collaboration Across Teams

Help your people collaborate like never before with World IT Zone CRM software. Avoid data repetition and empower your marketing and sales people to work in a much smarter and faster way. With a unified client data hub, everybody is set to become more well-organized and productive. Further, instant and on-the-go access to a pool of sales and client information, your sales and marketing people are well-appointed to sell in a much smarter and active manner.