Sat. Sep 26th, 2020


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Adopt Minimalist Web Design and Increase Your Conversions


Web Design plays a crucial role in helping you convert your leads. Hence, when you are designing your website, a lot of thought needs to be put into. The first instinct that many have is to include as much information as they can on their web page. However, this can make your website look cluttered and disorganized.

When designing your website, you may find it useful to adopt a minimalist web design. Here, you can learn why this idea can help your clientele grow. Click here to learn more about how your web design can impact your business:

  • Capture attention right away: When a visitor lands on your web page, you only have a few crucial moments to capture their attention. By removing any excess and unnecessary information for the website, you can help divert their focus to your brand and other elements that you want them to visit.
  • Easy navigation: Most people want to be able to navigate a website easily. In a cluttered site, navigation is hindered by a large number of elements. However, when you adopt the clean-cut and crisp visuals which are typical of minimalist web design, you ensure that the visitor is able to view essential links easily. Thus, you make it easier for users to navigate the website.
  • Define your brand: When you adopt minimalist web design, you use only a few images, these images not only need to be captivating and bold, but they also need to define your brand. Hence, when you adopt this type of web design, you help create a clearer picture of your brand through your website.

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The video revolution of 2010 shifted a lot of marketers’ focus towards video content marketing. According to a recent report by media data company Wyzowl, it was revealed that 63% of websites with significant digital presence use video content marketing. In their survey they asked these businesses about how they feel about video content marketing.

Out of the companies that participated in that survey, 83% stated that video marketing continues to be a vital aspect of their digital marketing strategy. Video Content Marketing is progressing swiftly and here are the key reasons why your business needs to go for video marketing –

Video Content Marketing is a proven way of securing ROI

83% of the aforementioned businesses also stated that their video content marketing campaigns provided secure returns on investment. Although video production up till now has been considered the most difficult and the most expensive form of marketing, for those who have implemented it effectively, it has paid off big time.

In addition, video editing tools are continually advancing and becoming more reasonably priced. The smartphone revolution has certainly made video content marketing more user-friendly. Interestingly, low quality doesn’t matter anymore as long as the content is in tune with what the masses want.

Video Marketing and Trust Building

Trust is the basis of conversions and generating sales. Hence, creating trust should be an objective for all digital marketers. The entire notion of content marketing is grounded on trust and fashioning long-standing relations. Stop marketing and let the users come to you by delivering them thought-provoking and beneficial info.

The new age demands an emphasis on attention, not mere content, on trust, not mere web-traffic, and on the select people in your target audiences who are broadcasting and encouraging your content. Video content is far more likely to engross us and kindle strong emotions amongst the viewers. Plus, there are a lot of social media influencers who can help in sharing the strong message that videos are guaranteed to send.

Google Algorithm’s Treatment of Videos

Videos enable marketers to increase the overall time spent by viewers on their websites. Therefore, longer exposure develops trust and indicates search engines that the website has valuable content. In a recent report by Moovly, it was revealed that –

A website is 53 times more likely to show up on Google SERPs if it has embedded videos. Google owns YouTube so, there has been a noteworthy upsurge in how many videos impact the website’s search engine ranking.

Videos boost Social Shares – 60% of the digital marketers who participated in the survey revealed that they have gained digital presence, thanks to the share-ability of their videos. In addition to that, companies like Facebook have moved towards promoting video content launching 360 Video, Live Video Streaming and other features.

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