Tue. Nov 24th, 2020


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Computer Monitoring App Review


Computing devices these days are one of the most popular among everyone. Business professionals love to provide laptops and desktop to employees for the sake of productivity. Moreover, school-going children use PCs for educational and entertaining purposes.

Therefore, people, these days are trying to get their hands on such as technology that empowers them to track laptops and desktop devices running with windows and mac operating systems in particular. A computer monitoring app can help you out to get the job done.

What Is Computer Monitoring Software?

It is one of the leading tracking apps for PCs and packed with dozens of powerful tools. You can use it on your employees and children’s devices for business safety and digital parenting purposes. It is designed and developed to make sure the kid’s safety on the web and let you know what employees are doing in working hours.

The interface of the computer surveillance app is user –friendly and easy to install on the target device. Its powerful features let you know all the activities that happened on windows and mac laptop and desktop devices. You can use it to monitor plenty of activities likewise, browsing activities, social media apps and websites, screen activities, surroundings, and plenty of others alike.


The computer tracking app is fully compatible with the contemporary computing machines whether laptops or desktops running with windows and MAC devices.

How to Install Computer Tracking Software?

If you want to track someone’s windows or mac PC then you have to have a technological tool to do that job. So, you need to subscribe to windows and MAC monitoring app separately using the official webpage of the computer surveillance app.

You will get the credential via email and then get physical access on the target device and complete the setup. Now use the credentials and get access to the web portal where you can see plenty of tools for doing surveillance on mac and windows laptops.

Windows Monitoring App Features

Browsing Activities

You can get access to someone’s desktop windows device and you can get to know all the visited websites and bookmarked pages.

Screen Recording

You can perform the live recording of the screen and make short videos using screen recording software. Furthermore, you can send the recording to the web portal.

Website Blocking

You can block all the inappropriate websites running on windows device using windows surveillance app.

MAC Tracking Software Features

Websites Blocking

You can block all the websites that you think inappropriate for target device users. Just copy URLs and send them to filters.

Camera Bug App

You can remotely control the target mac laptop front camera and get to know who is using the device.

MIC Bug App

You can remotely control the MIC of the target laptop device to listen and record the surrounding sounds, conversations, and voices.

Keystrokes Logging

You can easily capture and record all the keystrokes being used on the target MAC computer device.


Computer surveillance app is the best tool for employers and parents to monitor kids and employees respectively using its powerful tools.