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Coronavirus (COVID-19) – How to Deal with Anxiety

Coronavirus (COVID-19) How to Deal with Anxiety

Here is a reliable way to deal with stress or any anxiety of coronavirus and to live in extreme peace…

Article by Marilyn Adamson

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has raised alarm bells for many. This outbreak is adding new countries, new deaths to its list.

However, you may also feel anxious about other topics. Each day we face many reasons that make us feel stressed.

The list is very long terrorism, climate change, racism, war, government weaknesses, poverty, sexual harassment, human slavery, natural calamities, personal economy, disease, job security, stressful relationships, addiction, and more. It is painful to list them.

We are not only aware of what is affecting us personally. The Internet has made us global citizens. We are learning about serious problems in every corner of the world every moment of every day.

News broadcasts are increasing our human tendency to pay attention to our fears and worries.

However, sometimes the cause of concern is very personal. This is happening in our lives.

It is that experience of desperation that we cannot control situations. We feel in danger. Powerless! It is a fear of something being done to us and we cannot avoid it nor do anything to change it.

Is there a way to experience peace in the midst of it? Yes!

Peace during Coronavirus

This article will give you real and reliable ways to find peace in times of coronavirus outbreak or other anxiety-causing situations.

Let us first talk about medicine. If you usually struggle with anxiety, if your anxiety causes you to engage in depression and self-harm, please see a doctor for medical help. This can be a chemical imbalance that requires medication. Many times we have patterns, and thought styles in our minds that may require medical help to create new conceptual paradigms.

Just as diabetes patients require insulin, there are medicines that enable you to see your concerns more objectively and more calmly. Medications have shown significant improvement in the lives of many anxious victims.

However, being able to see situations calmly and rationally is only part of the solution. It helps, but in a way it stops providing real peace. It is like a person who has a broken leg and stops walking with that leg. It helps but his leg is still broken.

It is nice to hear that the effect of coronavirus is diminishing in your country, but there are many other powerful reasons for concern. Life is challenging

You need inner peace that is permanent, which allows your brain and heart to rest despite difficult situations.

A Reliable Approach to Worrying Conditions

As an atheist for years, I discovered the philosophy that was always reliable. I wanted a philosophy that would guide me throughout my life and work in any situation. I studied sort, Plato, Socrates, Dostoyevsky, Nietzsche, Hume, etc. etc.

I came to know that the philosophy was insufficient. I left all the problems directly on my shoulders.

Some people recommend, “Look at the situation differently, and tell you it’s not that bad.” When thousands of people are diagnosed with coronavirus (Kovid 19) and mortality is increasing, it is difficult to look at coronavirus (Kovid 19) separately.

Regardless of any circumstance, religion was also hollowed out in my quest for real peace. I was not looking for customs, meditation, principles.

I knew the potential in life for real difficulties. I wanted to know a credible approach no matter what happens in life.

Many people hope that science will discover both the treatment and prevention of coronavirus. However, the virus goes away, yet it may happen that it remains with us for years in an altered form. Science is not omniscient or omnipotent.

While I was searching for the source of eternal peace, I became a friend of a man whose life I admired. She often talked about God. This made me wonder whether God actually existed.

The possibility of the existence of God led me to question, research, and make a profoundly powerful defense. I did not want to be fooled by believing what was not real.

Science Points to A Solution

After nearly a year and a half of serious research, the evidence of God became so effective that it could not be ignored. It was science that led me to accept the existence of God… the proper position of the Earth from the Sun, the complex properties of water, the structure of the human body, etc.

I asked God to come into my life so that I would have a personal relationship with Him.

I found the fact that ‘God is our refuge and strength, a very easy helper in crisis.’

Peace In The Face Of Fear

Knowing that God exists and that he really worries about us has a profound effect on our ability to live in peace, whatever the circumstances may be.

I will tell you imagine an 8-year-old boy being harassed by a naughty child. His lunch is taken daily. He is physically harassed and humiliated for joking. He tries to talk to that naughty boy, but to no avail. He attempts to rescue the mischievous boy and also fails. He tells his teacher but does not get much benefit from it.

Then one day a big student (much bigger than that naughty boy) comes sympathetically and tells that naughty boy that the days of intimidating this student are over. The stricken student now finds peace. The naughty boy is still there, but an 8-year-old student can live comfortably because someone older than him is taking care of him.

We also get similar help in life. God is greater than any problem we face, including the virus of this epidemic. He has made us and he is willing and willing to take care of us.

Peace between the Viruses

Under the pressure of life, Jesus humbly says, “Come to me, all those who work hard and are burdened. I’ll give you a rest. “

He is the God who created the universe, created constellations and planets, millions of lives and plant species, a complex ecological system and human life. “Nothing is hard for him.” He invites us to help.

Jesus consistently described God as ‘the heavenly Father who loves us’.

One of our biggest fears about the coronavirus (Kovid-19) is the ability to go through it alone or to face it or the emotional or physical strength of our loved ones. This is true of everything that scares us. “Can I do it?”

Strength While Facing Challenges

God, who created you, knows everything about you. Your background, the events that happened to you, your achievements, dreams that are for your life (or lack thereof), your pain, your future, relationships – everything. Jesus said that he knows your small, insignificant details, “the hairs of your head are all numbered.”

“O Jehovah, you have known me by knowing me.” You know my rise – sitting; and understand my thoughts from a distance. He knows the secret of my whole behavior. There is nothing in my mouth that you do not know fully. “

He knows everything about you. The safest relationship we can have in this world is a relationship with the God who loves us.

Guide in the Dark

God never wanted us to walk in this life ourselves. God wants us to live in a different life under his guidance. We do not have to stumble into darkness and uncertainty.

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.” He who follows me will not walk in darkness, but will find the light of life. “

We are invited, “Put all your worries on him, because he has your attention.”

The same happens in the relationship with God, the relationship that he gives to everyone. The Bible describes God as a ‘wonderful counselor’, ‘father of eternity’, ‘and prince of peace’ and ‘mighty God’. And that’s all.

Freedom from Doom

Also, let me underline, being concerned with God does not mean that we are saved from the problems of life.

There was a time in my life when an incident happened to me that I could not do anything. In my four-month pregnancy, I was told that there were some problems. I knew God well that I could trust him (God) in this situation, whatever the outcome. Our child was born dead. Since I was able to believe God about it, I never struggled with bitterness, anger or worry, although I was very sad.

However there was a feeling that surprised me. After the death of our child, my struggle with fear started with the possibility that my husband was also dying. I asked God to talk with this fear, show me how to look at it properly.

When God encouraged me to read the text from the hymn, my answer was quickly:

‘O Lord, you are my refuge. You who have considered the Most High as your abode, – No calamity will fall on you …’

I knew that God did not promise that no one would die. God does not make this promise. However, God as my refuge, whom I trust, will not allow me to become evil even if my husband dies. God will not let me be defeated, destroyed and harmed by this. I will be fine

“No calamity will fall upon you.” God sets the limit. If we believe in him, we can go through situations differently … with peace.

No Problem Is Too Big, Even Coronavirus

Jesus said, “You are afflicted in the world, but bind yourself, I have conquered the world.”

The Earth we are on now is moving at a speed of about 1000 miles per hour (1600 km per hour). Nevertheless we feel absolutely calm and enjoy the beauty of sunrise and sunset which makes it rotating (revolving of the earth).

The earth is also revolving around the sun, traveling at 67,000 MPH. Even at such a speed, it is keeping the exact distance from the Sun, not too far, nor too close.

Similarly, that God knows billions of galaxies and God is aware of the small and big things in your life. And he loves you.

Someone Who Cares

He loves you, not because you or I deserve it, but because it is his nature to love and take care of those who trust him.

God says, ‘don’t be afraid, because I am with you, do not look around here, because I am your God; I will bury you and help you, I will take care of you with my right hand of righteousness.

‘Do not you know? Didn’t you hear Jehovah, the eternal God and the Creator of the whole earth is neither weary nor weary, his wisdom is infinite. He gives strength to the tired and empowers the powerless. ‘‘Tarun gets tired and embarrassed, and the young man stumbles and falls; But those who are waiting for the Lord, they will receive new strength, they will fly like eagles, they will run and will not be ashamed, walking and tired. ‘

Jesus said, ‘I give you peace, I give you my peace; As the world gives, I do not give you: do not be distraught and afraid.’ He is greater than every problem we face. Freedom about the concern of coronavirus (COVID-19) or any serious issue knows that God is capable, that he cares and will act on your behalf.