Wed. Nov 25th, 2020


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How to break a weight loss plateau?


It is not always easy to achieve your goal weight. When you set on your journey to lose weight, you would be very happy to see those extra pounds coming off fairly rapidly. However, there comes a time when you notice that your weight loss curve has flattened. It won’t budge no matter what you do.

This state where you are unable to lose any more weight is known as weight loss plateau. For someone, who has just started to work out, reaching this state could be very demotivating and frustrating. If you are experiencing a weight loss plateau, don’t worry. There are various strategies that can help you start to lose weight again. So, if you are wondering how to break a weight loss plateau, this article is for you.

Way to Break Through A Weight Loss Plateau:

You can adopt various strategies to keep your weight in check. These strategies will also allow you to break through the weight loss plateau you have been experiencing. So, without further ado, following are the tips to help you start to lose weight again:

Reduce Carbs From Your Diet:

According to research, low-carb diets play a vital role in helping you accelerate the process of weight loss. It has been revealed that the people who consume 50 grams or less of carbs everyday lose more weight than those who follow traditional weight loss diets. When you reduce your carbohydrate intake, your weight starts to move in the right direction. Reducing your carb consumption, you can break through the hopeless weight loss stall you are experiencing. For example, you can replace your latte with black coffee or slimming coffee.

The metabolic advantages of carb restriction are unlimited. Low-carb diets promote fat burning along with inducing various other metabolic changes. As a result, your body processes more calories and it leads to weight loss. Nutritionists and obesity experts consider carb restriction one of the best ways to overcome the weight loss plateau.

Add to The Intensity and The Frequency of Exercise:

If your weight has stuck and you feel it’s not going down anymore, it’s time to revive your fitness regimen. It will help you to reverse your stalled weight loss plateau. This happens because when you start to lose weight, the rate of metabolism in your body slows down. According to research, people who were on their journey to lose weight reported they burn 6.3 lesser calories for every pound.

As your weight reduces, the rate of metabolism progressively decreases. This makes it very difficult to lose weight when you reach a certain figure. If you want to counteract this effect, you need to increase the frequency as well as the intensity of your exercise.

Resistance training is one of the best workouts to help you lose weight while retaining your muscle mass. Various studies show resistance training to be one of the most effective workouts to lose weight fast. Reviving your workout regimen with high intensity exercise can help you overcome the weight loss plateau you are stuck at.

Keep Up With Your Protein Intake:

You need to add more protein to your diet if your weight loss has stalled. It will help you start losing your weight again. One of the major reasons why protein can trigger your weight loss again is the fact that these compounds improve your metabolic rate more than carbohydrate and fat do. This can be attributed to the thermic effect of food.

Moreover, protein is more digestible which boosts your metabolism by many folds. Improved metabolism means more burning of carbs and fats which aids in weight loss. Protein digestion allows 20-30% more calorie burning. This rate is double when compared to carbs and fats.

Improve Stress Management:

Stress can put your weight loss on a break. It leads to food cravings and comfort eating. Moreover, when you stress your body produces more cortisol which is the stress hormone. Along with helping your body to respond to stress, this hormone also causes the belly fat to accumulate. This effect is found to be stronger in females.

Intermittent Fasting:

Intermittent fasting promotes weight and fat loss. It improves your overall health and fitness. Studies have revealed that intermittent fasting is found to cause 3-8% loss in weight. Moreover, it leads to a significant decrease in waist measurement, that too within 3-24 weeks. It is also found to be effective in getting past a weight loss plateau. If you feel no matter how hard you try, your weight won’t shed, and you should follow the above-mentioned tips. You will see a significant change in a matter of time.