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How to fix iTunes error 54


What is iTunes error 54?

iPhone users might have recently faced specific issues while connecting to iTunes on their computer. While syncing the iPhone/iPad/iPod with iTunes, you might encounter several problems. One particular syncing issue that has recently cropped up is that of the iTunes error 54. It would look something like this: 

This error stops you from syncing your data from the iOS device to the iTunes in your computer. You might also face alert messages that read: “The iPhone [device name] cannot be synced. An unknown error occurred (-54).” You may try restarting your computer and try again, but it doesn’t usually fix itself. To fix this glitch, one needs to know its source and the cause of its appearance.

Why does the iTunes error 54 occur?

The error is usually caused due to some system modification problem. Apple states that this error happens if a file on your computer or iOS device is blocked in any way. 

However, it can also occur if you have had an upgrade in your Computer’s OS. Many users have reported that this message pops up after they had a Windows OS upgrade. The primary reasons for the iTunes error 54 to occur are:

  • Outdated iTunes version on your computer
  • Lack of storage space in the iPhone
  • iTunes update not properly installed
  • Security software from third party preventing iTunes from syncing

Users had also reported this to happen even when the iTunes app undergoes up-gradation. This error can be fixed in many ways. Many third-party apps that can help you fix iTunes error 54. One of the most reliable software anyone can choose is the iSkysoft toolbox – iOS System Recovery. This versatile toolbox offers solutions to most of the problems iPhone users face, including that of iPhone error 54

The Safest way: iSkysoft toolbox – iOS System Recovery

iSkysoft toolbox is a multipurpose tool that covers a lot of iOS-related issues. From iOS data recovery, system recovery to data backup and restore, this app has many functions which are much useful to any iOS user. It accurately restores backups even from social media apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Line and Kik. It also features other utilities such as iOS Full data eraser and iOS Private data eraser.

The iSkysoft toolbox- iOS System Recovery is a function designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod users to fix problems and issues that are quite commonplace. The common problems that can be fixed using iSKysoft toolbox include, the iPhone:

  • stuck in DFU mode or recovery mode
  • continuous Apple logo looping 
  • restarting on loop
  • continuous black screen appearance 
  • iPhone/iPad cannot slide to power off/unlock
  • iPhone/iPad is frozen and doesn’t respond
  • The toolbox is exceptionally user-friendly. It has thorough instructions which will efficiently guide you through the whole process. With a few clicks, your iOS device can be back to normal again. This powerful app makes it easy to fix iTunes error problem. It also guarantees zero data loss. No personal data from your iPhone will be leaked, so you can rest assured and use this app for all your iPhone maintenance needs. You don’t need to hire a techy for this anymore. 

To use iSKysoft toolbox to fix iPhone error 54 

  • Toolbox is the software that can surely fix the iTunes error problem. Here are the simple steps by which you can fix your iPhone error 54 using iSkysoft toolbox.

Step 1. Connect iPhone to computer

Connect your iOS device to the computer using a USB cable. Launch iSKysoft toolbox and choose “System Recovery” and click “Start” after the device is successfully connected.

Step 2. Download Firmware

The software automatically detects the latest firmware according to your device. Download the firmware. This is a must step for fixing your device. 

Step 3. Fix iTunes error 54

As soon as the download is finished, the software will begin with its repairing procedure automatically, bringing the iPhone back to its normal state. 

  • Alternative methods to fix iTunes error 54
  • From the third-party apps like the reputed iSkysoft toolbox, there are also specific ways you can manually try to fix the iTunes error problem. These solutions include tweaking settings on your computer as well as the iTunes app. These have often had positive results for most of the users.

1. Update iTunes 

The iTunes error problem may pop up due to an outdated iTunes version. It is safe to keep all the software up to date to ensure the smooth functioning of the system. Make sure you have the latest iTunes version installed to avoid any iTunes error problem.

To fix iTunes error problem, launch the iTunes software on your computer (Windows or Mac) and hit the check for updates option. Simply follow the instructions to download and install the latest update available. This might fix the iTunes error problem in most cases. 

2. Authorize Computer

The iPhone error 54 can be fixed in most cases if the computer lets iTunes perform smoothly. This can be done by authorizing your computer. Simply open iTunes software on your laptop & Click on “Store” hit on “Authorize this Computer” option.

The computer often restricts certain apps from functioning. Authorizing the computer can enable the iTunes app to work efficiently. This will help you avoid the iTunes error problem

3. Run iTunes with the Administrator access

Allowing iTunes to work with the administrator command lets the app to work without any hindrance. This enables the syncing to happen smoothly. Right-click on the iTunes app icon and then select “Run as administrator” option. This ought to fix the iTunes error problem. This option can also be accessed in the Properties section of the app. This will allow iTunes to bypass all other restrictions to make sure that it can sync properly. 

Running the iTunes app in Administrator mode is an alternative way to make sure that you can avoid the iTunes error problem.

4. Use iTunes Alternative: iskysoft iTransfer

If none of the above methods works, you can choose another great utility provided by iSkysoft. iSkysoft iTransfer is an excellent alternative to iTunes when it comes to managing your data. You can safely choose this app to avoid iTunes error problem. iSkysoft iTransfer is a trusted brand name and lets you connect your iOS device and sync it to your computer. Here are the main features of the app:

  • Transfer music & videos: This app enables you to transfer music and videos from iPhone/iPad/iPod to your computer. It supports all the primary type of files, including Podcasts, TV shows, iTunes U, and Audiobooks. All versions of iOS up to iOS 11 are supported with iSkysoft iTransfer. 
  • Transfer and Backup Photos: You can easily backup and transfer your photos and videos from iPhone to your computer. The app is compatible even with the latest iPhone X and iPhone 8. 
  • Manage and Backup SMS and Contacts: Transfer all of your Contacts and SMS from your device to your computer in just a single click. 
  • iSkysoft iTransfer is a great app to manage the content of your iOS device and to work with, as an alternative to iTunes when you are worried about how to fix iTunes error 54.

Following these steps or using iSkysoft toolbox: iOS system recovery is a sure shot way to fixiTunes error problem. Make sure you follow the steps carefully to fix your problems.