Thu. Nov 26th, 2020


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How to Track Skype Chats with TheOneSpy?


Communication is very important these days and over the last two decades, social networking platforms have been made it very easy for us no time ever before. Nowadays, you have several methods of real-time communication. You can talk and chat via instant messaging apps, websites and instant messengers.

You can download the social messaging apps on your digital devices such as cell phones, tablets, and PCs running with the multiple operating systems. So, people use plenty of instant messengers including Skype on their mobile phones and computer devices. They use Skye messenger to send and receive text messages, chat conversations, audio-video conversations, shared videos, photos, documents and others alike.

So, people, these days are trying to track instant messenger in terms of skype for a variety of reasons such as digital parenting to know what kids and teens are doing on the skype social messaging app and to monitor employee’s activities to protect business intellectual property. Today, I am going to tell you can monitor Skype chats and other activities with TheOneSpy. However, you need to know how you can get the tool to monitor Skype chat and all other activities. Let’s get to know in detail the following.

How to Install Theonespy to Track Skype Chats?

If you want to spy on Skype chats then you need to have the best skype monitoring software and all you can get it when you get your hands on the cell phone and computer tracking app. So, I am going to tell you about a couple of steps that enable you to get the job done. Follow the instructions given below.

Subscribe for Theonespy Software for Cell Phone and PC

Initially, you just need to use the browser of your device that must have an internet connection. Besides, you need to go to the official webpage of the cell phone and computer tracking app. Now get the subscription online and check your email and get your hands on the login credentials.

Get Physical Access On Targeted On Computer or Cell Phone

Now you have to gain physical access on the target device no matter what if it is a mobile or PC. Once you have access to the device, start the process of installation. From the time you have started the installation and to the time you have completed the activation on the target device it will take few minutes. When you have been completed the process of installation then activates it on the targeted device.

Use the Credentials & Get Access to the Electronic Web Portal

Use the login ID and password and further get access to the online control panel of the mobile phone and PC surveillance software. Furthermore, you can get your hands on the tools that empower you to track Skype messenger chats. Let’s get to know about the tools that work on the cell phone and PC individually to monitor skype chat conversations.

Use Cell Phone Spy App Features To Monitor Skype Chat

Live Screen Recording

You can remotely get access to the target device screen running with skype instant messaging app. You can record short videos of the screen back to back and delivers the videos to the dashboard. Further, you can see the live recorded videos of the screen and read skype chat.

IM’s Social Media

You can remotely get the logs of Skype activities in terms of text messages, chat conversations, audio-video conversations and shared media and documents. You can use a social media messenger spy app to monitor skype chat instantly on the target device.


You can remotely capture screenshots on the targeted device screen when the target phone user is using a skype messenger. So you can monitor the chats conversations within no time.

Use Computer Monitoring App Features to Track Skype Chat

Screen Recording

The end-user can record the windows and MAC laptop desktop device screen in real-time and that’s how you can read the Skype chats.


TheOneSpy Cellphone and computer spy app is the best tool to track Skype chat running on the target cell phone or PC instantly and remotely. Mobile and PC tracking software need to be installed on the targeted device.