Sun. Jan 24th, 2021


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Job Opportunities in 2020 If You Know HTML and CSS


1. A Webmaster for a Local Small Business

The job role of a webmaster involves managing the everyday operations of a company’s web presence that incorporates maintaining physical architecture such as web servers, computer hardware, and software, as well as web design, building, and revising web pages, and analyzing website traffic that includes in content creation. Various companies ask for additional skills like JavaScript and WordPress, but you can do this job even if your skillset is limited to HTML and CSS.

Similarly, like building particular websites for clients you know, a good way to get into as a webmaster while you’re still learning tech skills is to look for opportunities at small local businesses or non-profits. The small businesses that have less intense web needs are more likely to hire tech beginners, implying you can get paid while getting critical resume work experience.

2. A Website Producer

Suppose you have a project management experience and you know your way around HTML and CSS, you can put all of those skills together and grab a job as a website producer. The role of a website producer is to supervise the web development project but need not know about every aspect of the coding process. The other role of web production job duties involves editing, arranging, and creating the content that goes on a website.

Website producers are also responsible for optimizing that content for users and search engines, to drive traffic to the company website.

3. A Social Media Manager

The next job role that we are going to talk about is the social media manager. This job’s role is to focus on developing appropriate content ideas that will resonate with a company’s customer base and generate online traffic, mentions, and viral brand interest. If you’re already social media savvy then either through work experience at a previous job or your adventures also you can add that know-how to your burgeoning HTML and CSS skills and present a good package to capable employers.

4. A Junior Web Developer

If you want to start your career in and know a little in HTML and CSS and it doesn’t seem like enough to make it as a developer, then you can start your career as a junior web developer. At various large MNCs where the teams are quite large enough to differentiate by skill and experience level, there is a possibility for an entry-level junior developer job even if all you know is HTML and CSS. Utilizing those skills to do the basic legwork on the front lines, you can learn from developers who are above you in the pecking order while collecting a technology pay check.

5. Consider Work as a Quality Assurance Engineer

The job role of a quality assurance engineer involves performing tests that are used to find any bugs in software, websites, or applications that are launched. A quality assurance job is considered as an entry point into tech because they don’t require any coding skills. Here you won’t exactly build anything, but you will get a thorough understanding of how sites are built, and work as a helper in site development to debug issues that come up during coding. As a quality engineer professional, HTML and CSS won’t be a critical part and you can excel in this field if you will understand the development process.

The above points show that this field will give you countless career opportunities. The organizations need professionals who are skilled in HTML and CSS to improve efficiency and enhance their business. Becoming skilled in HTML and CSS provides various benefits such as enhanced career growth, better salary, better job opportunities, upgrade to new technologies. uCertify offers a comprehensive Microsoft 98-375-2019( study guide that will help you learn and understand topics deeply and thoroughly. It consists of test preps consisting of 60+ pre and post-assessments in each lesson. Hands-on labs, video tutorials of each lesson, and much more.