Sat. Sep 26th, 2020


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PST Repair Tool


One of the major issues users’ encounters when using a PST file is that they’ll corrupt. As there’ll be countless messages, crucial emails, information inside the PST file may easily be lost when this PST file gets corrupted. Obviously it might be even better to understand how to prevent the need of repairing the PST file initially. Let us discuss the first step of what to do if you need to repair a corrupted PST file.

PST FIles Corruption

Corruption takes place due to various reasons. It is highly necessary to understand the root causes to stay away from awful corrupt scenarios. When you come across PST files that have corrupted seriously then it is better to run Scanpst. exe tool at first. All the retail industry software development companies run this tool first. This Scanpst. Exe tool is usually an inbox repair tool that is provided by Microsoft. There will be no shortcut for this program and hence you should use the search function inside the Start menu to locate it. As soon as it opens, just click on the browse button to locate the PST file. Select start to begin the scanning process. At the completion of the scanning process you have a file whether errors exist in the file and if they are existing click at Repair button. Finally you need to see the statement message as complete.

The other way by which you can repair the corrupted PST file is usually by running Scandisk. This will be available in Programs-> Accessories->System tools. In some situations it is advisable to run both the programs alternately for about 3 or 4 times before you get no error mail messages are reported. It successfully works with many problematic issues in PST file though the main problem while using Scanpst tool is that it initially repairs the header of the file and deletes anything inside the file and doesn’t recognize which may also include your data.

Various Methods

All these previously listed methods can be achieved manually to repair the corrupted PST file on the Outlook application. If neither of these methods are successful in repairing corrupted PST files then there is a reliable tool known as PST repair tool which claims to repair all the data and restore each of the files to its original condition. This repair PST tool functions by reading only the technique of the original PST file and uses the scanning technology. It scans the complete file and then copies your data into the fresh file. As soon as you download this tool you can start to repair PST files immediately just by clicking a few buttons on your desktop.

Reasons for PST file corruption

  • Abrupt Outlook termination
  • Harmful infection on the Outlook application
  • Sudden Power cut off
  • Storage Device Failure
  • Exceed in PST file size you might be earlier version of Outlook application
  • Compressing or even zipping PST files
  • MS Outlook PST files because of recovery error
  • Incomplete recovery operation because of fragmentation of the PST file.