Thu. Nov 26th, 2020


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The Best Cabinet Paints In The Market In 2020


Do you have in your hands an old or outdated cabinet that is just out of the trend? Does it look somewhat dark and weird in an unappealing way? Are all your furniture cabinets not suiting up to the style that you want? Well, if you think in that way, then you have several reasons to move on from your old, boring cabinets and dive into the current trends and naturally be way cooler.

Now that you’ve decided your living space needs change, the question that pops next is where to buy good furniture and paint from? If you’ve got access to the internet, then sites like Best4 Reviews make your job easier by reviewing everything that your home needs, and putting out only the best products suited for your lovely home.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the best paints available in the market for your old, unlively cabinet, so that you can bring more life into your old home. You can learn more about these in detail on the Best4 Reviews website. So be sure to check it out.


This paint comes along with an in-built primer, topcoat, and wax, which makes it easier to apply. In addition to that this paint makes it look effortless when applying it and hassle-free. It also saves a lot of time in that way. This paint can be applied to a wide range of surfaces. It comes along with several shades that you may find attractive.

The finishing of this paint is very long-lasting and also it can be very durable if seen in that way. An 8 oz sample of a product coves an area of 35 square feet, an 16 oz can cover up to 70 square feet and a 32 oz covers a 140 square feet area.


This a one of a kind of paint that can smoothly glide on the surface of the cabinet and will appear beautiful and gorgeous as it looked on the day when it is applied. It is also a paint that can be applied on an extensive range of surfaces such as wood, plaster, Styrofoam, terracotta, tin, etc. This paint is a multi-purpose water-based product.

AppleBarrel does not have any kind of toxicity and is very durable. It can be applied on various surfaces with the help of brush, stamp, stencil or sponge. If by any chance you have created a mess you can easily wash it up with water and soap added to it.


This home decor is a premium quality paint that was designed in the United States. This paint was essentially designed to paint up furniture that needs to be restored with a chalky, ultra-matte and a polished finish. The product can come in handy if the surface of the cabinet that you wish to paint is wood, plaster, canvas, terracotta, ceramic, metal, etc. Above all that in its kind of high-quality paint it is the cheapest that you can come around with.

Folkart can be applied with minimum preparation. This product is not toxic in any way and was fully designed to be used indoors only. You may have to apply a couple of coats to get the best of it. It has a super thick consistency which increases the duration for it to dry which can be a bit inconvenient but that is something you will have to give to get the best coating. In case of any mess, the paint will offer you an easy cleanup.


The mineral paint has a rich quality of its own and is easy to apply which gives you a smooth and vibrant finish. One of the impressive features of the paint is that it offers the perfect finish in just a single coat. The product also has a consistency of being thick although it doesn’t affect the application of the paint. There is also no need to sand the surface before applying the paint, yet cleaning the surface before the application is quite necessary.

A damp brush while using the paint helps you to get more dampness which can help the spreading of the paint equally. It is available in a total of 60 attractive and beautiful shades. If you do not find the color that you desire then you can mix up the shades to achieve the color that you love.


This paint generally covers up in only one or two coats and renders a top-notch chalk finish. This is ready to use that doesn’t need any additional liquid to be added to it to use. Not only that but you do not even need to prep, sand or prim the paint. It adheres to all kinds of materials including wood, stained wood, resin, glass, laminate, etc. The product has an extremely low amount of VOC and is an indoor use only, which makes it a kid-friendly paint.

After you are done with the painting part you will have to seal it up with a poly-acrylic or a furniture wax which will help in protecting the finish. There is a variety of shades available for this paint if added can be put to a total number of 42 different colors. So this will help you to select the color that you like and not be forced to buy a dull shade or the ones that you don’t desire.


If you are looking for a paint that is best suitable for your kitchen cabinets then this makeover kit will suffice your want. The gorgeous semi-gloss and long-lasting finish which makes this product the best there is that in the market. You might need 2 quarts of this paint to cover up a 40 feet cabinet kitchen. The paint dries up in a minute or two and also leaves an astonishing look at the same time. You can be sure to get a considerably good amount of coverage with the product. A soapy solution will help you in case of an accident which spills the paint. In addition to that this kind of paint does not drip that easily. It is rich in quality and has a non-sticky formula added to it.