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The Different Steps To Take Out A Loan In Belgium

The Different Steps To Take Out A Loan In Belgium

Credit is the best financing plan available today. Belgian banks notably offer earmarked services for both individuals and businesses. Capital is traded on average between 500 and 75,000 euros for an attractive rate these days. Indeed, a fall in the consumer credit market has been recorded on the market for several years.

Compare And Simulate Offers

With the increasing demand for consumer credit, there has been an increase in the number of financing offers available on the market. Not all are created equal. In order to take advantage of low-cost, attractive credit, you must first simulate and compare the different services offered by banks.

To do this, supporting an accounting firm in Saint-Gilles would not be luxury. It must be the service provider who is responsible for managing your financial assets. This type of firm addresses their service to both individuals and businesses. In any case, connoisseurs of the funds available in the accounts of his client, he will be better able to find the ideal borrowing conditions to avoid over-indebtedness.

He can also use his knowledge to ensure you a low-cost, optimal loan with ideal cover conditions: possibilities for rescheduling monthly payments, easier early collection, etc.

Gather All The Necessary Documents

You must also gather all the documents necessary to claim a consumer credit. In addition to the request, you must present to the bank:

  • A certificate of residence, because Belgian banks only offer loans to residents
  • An ID
  • A RIB
  • A pay slip less than 3 months old
  • A tax assessment form
  • And the supporting documents if it is a professional loan. This type of loan helps in particular to finance the development and creation of businesses. As proof, you can use quotes and invoices from professionals.

Depending on the type of bank you are dealing with, you must pay these documents online after scanning or have them sent to the bank’s headquarters by a courier service.

Submit Your Application Online

It only remains to send your application. The process is much easier online. Simply send your form and forward the rest of your application. In a traditional bank, the process will take a little longer. Among other things, you will need to make an appointment with your banker and go to the bank’s headquarters to present your project and try to convince the latter to finance you.

At an online bank, you will receive an answer in less than 48 hours by email. In a traditional establishment, this can take several weeks. In both cases, you should do with the 2 weeks of mandatory withdrawal period from the date of signing of the loan contract.