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The Unforgettable History of the Polo Sports Shirts

The Unforgettable History of the Polo Sports Shirts

What is a polo shirt? It is a type of shirt with a collar, a placket neckline with 3 buttons and a facultative pocket. There is an unforgettable history that is, associated with polo sports shirts. Let us dip into it.

History of Polo Sports Shirts:

Outdoor activities became significant for the British ruling class at the end of the nineteenth century. At that time, Jodhpur pants and polo shirts became an essential part of the wardrobes for house-related sports. These two pieces of clothing were brought back by the Britishers from India along with the game of polo. Men and women, especially in the USA (United States of America) buy wholesale polo sports shirts owing to their respect for the heritage of polo shirts. Let us now see the history of polo shirts associated with the different games.

  • Polo Sports Shirt and Tennis: At the end of the nineteenth and the early twentieth century, tennis players wore white button-up shirts and flannel trousers with ties; however, they never felt comfortable wearing this attire. So the French tennis legend, Jean Rene Lacoste took an action to come up with an alternative style of tennis shirt. He designed a white, loosely knit pique cotton shirt with a flat collar and a buttoned placket, and Lacoste placed a “crocodile emblem” on the left breast of his designed shirts. This procedure gave birth to the modern-day polo sports shirt.
  • Polo Sports Shirt and the Game of Polo: Polo sports shirts, as the name indicates have an in-depth history that is, associated with the game of polo. Till the commencement of the twentieth century, polo players wore thick and long sleeve shirts that were made up of Oxford Cotton. This polo shirt had a buttoned-down collar that kept the collars of polo players from flapping in the cold breeze. In 1920, Lewis Lacey, the Canadian polo player started producing a shirt that was embroidered with an emblem of a “polo player”, this invention gave birth to the rise of polo uniforms. Before that, polo players wore very plain polo shirts with no numbers or writing or logos embroidered on them. However, when the management felt that numbers should be printed on the back of polo players, ranging from 1 to 4; then the numbers were simply pinned on players’ backs. In 1972, Ralph Lauren included his polo shirt as a vital part of his unique line polo that more increased the demand for polo sports shirts. Luckily, today customers also have the option to buy wholesale polo sports shirts.
  • Polo Sports Shirt and Golf: In the final half of the twentieth century, the standard clothing among golfers became more casual. The tennis shirts were adopted by golfers as a part of their attire. So tennis shirts or polo shirts became a mandatory part of golfers’ dress code. That is how polo shirts gained popularity as a part of golfing attire.

Polo Shirts That Are In-Use Today:

Today, polo shirts are usually made up of polyester or cotton, so these shirts are durable, as well as soft respectively. The placket of a golf polo typically holds 3 to 4 buttons, and these shirts usually come with a pocket on their left sides.

People in the USA Prefer to Wear Polo Shirts to Celebrate History:

Now you are very well familiar with the history of polo shirts. There are three games in history with which the polo sports shirts are associated with, which are tennis, polo, and golf. Today, you can uncover a variety of wholesale polo sports shirts online. Let us name some of the most widely recognized polo shirts for you that include short sleeve polos, long sleeve polos, golf polos, performance polos, organic polos, and silk polos. Did you like the history that is, associated with polo sports shirts? There is an in-depth history that is, associated with polo shirts, and many people in the U.S. (United States) enjoy wearing polo shirts to express the legacy that is, associated with the birth of polo sports shirts.

To Sum Up…

A polo shirt is a comfortable and stylish piece of clothing that is, comfortable enough for a variety of sports. 3 sports that share a deep history with polo shirts include tennis, polo, and golf. Polo shirts were invented as a replacement for uncomfortable tennis button-up shirts. Oxford cotton polo shirt shares its history with the game of polo. The tennis shirts or polo sports shirts are used as a part of uniforms by golfers today. Nowadays, polo sports shirts have become very popular, as they are also available online for wholesale prices. Some people wear polo shirts to respect their history, while some wear them to make a fashion statement. Last but not least, polo sports shirts share an unforgettable history that is, associated with different games.