Wed. Nov 25th, 2020


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Tips For Trade Show Participation On A Limited Budget


We all know that participation in a trade show or exhibition needs a huge investment. Though trade shows are capable to bring a huge return on investment, expanding a huge customer base, still you need to plan initial investment. Exhibitions and trade shows are one of the costliest forms of investment; therefore, exhibitors who are exhibiting a limited budget must spend wisely.

Well, participation in trade shows does not mean you have to go bankrupt. First of all, you should find out the financial condition and upper limit of your budget. This will help in creating a good plan. You can search for affordable ways to design exhibition standand achieve your objectives.

Most exhibitors think that they are not able to get good profit and cannot achieve their objectives in a limited budget. But, this is not true! The business owners who are exhibiting in the trade show with a limited budget can achieve their aims and objective of trade show participation. But, they need to plan every step efficiently.

Here, in this article, we are going to various points that will help in successful trade show participation on a tight budget:

1. Create A Good Plan

You should plan your each step of trade show participation according to your budget. Make sure you start the planning process earlier. It is so because the earlier you start, then you can do research about various trade shows and choose the cheap one. Also, this will help you to find out creative ideas for exhibition stands.

This will help in keeping your spending under control. Advance planning also helps in getting a discount on transportation, earlier space booing discounts, etc. With the help of good planning, you can maintain a realistic budget. You should also do deep research on previous year shows to keep your expenditure down.

2. Choose Between Renting V/s Buying

If you are planning to participate in various trade shows lined up one after another, then you should purchase a modular trade booth. The modular exhibition stands are affordable, reusable, flexible and need less maintenance. You can easily use your own trade booth in various trade shows.

On the other hand, if you are planning to participate in just one trade show, then it is a good idea to get a custom design exhibition standon rent. It is a wise decision to get a trade booth on rent if you are exhibiting on a low budget. The renting company is also ready to handle your logistics expenses. This will further reduce your expenditure

Based on the demands and requirements, you can choose one option among renting vs buying. But, in both situations, you must choose an eye-catching trade booth display. The purchase decision though needs an initial investment, but it is capable to get a huge return on investment.

You can approach either method renting vs buying. But, you have to do proper calculations to find out which method is suitable for you.

3. Affordable Methods for Graphic Designing

The best way to find attractive graphics for free is to find the websites that allow you to use their content for free. Some websites may charge a few bugs, but they offer very good quality of graphics. You should search these websites and find the material that you can use on your trade booth display.

If you do not find suitable graphics for your use, then you hire a graphic designer who charges less for his or her services. Some new graphics designers charge you very little for their services as they have recently started their business. If you cannot afford professional graphics designers, then it is one of the affordable options available.

4. Purchase Furniture In Bulk

You should make a list of all the required accessories and furniture that are required to display creative stand design. It can be a table, a relaxing lounge, chairs, etc. After making a list, you should visit the nearest furniture stores. You should find out those stores that are ready to provide their products at cheap prices.

Mostly, the retailer of furniture is ready to offer free shipping services when you place your bulk order. You should spend some time and have a good conversation with the head of the store. He will be happy to provide free logistic services to you.

You can further reduce your expenses by reselling this furniture after the trade show. This will help you to get your money back. Else, you can donate this furniture to charity and this will further reduce your taxes.

5. Search For All-In-One Service Providers

Instead of spending money and time to find out different services provided such as booth rental, logistic department, booth installation service providers, and search for all-in-one service providers.

When you hire one contractor who is ready to provide various services, then you will get a discount. In addition to this, the single-source service provider will be happy to serve you because you are placing order various tasks.