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Top 5 Newest Superhero Couples

Oh superhero hookups it’s easy to imagine that if one was a superhero it would be quite hard to date outside of the crime-fighting industry like think about it a lot of obstacles you’d have to get over. But really for superheroes the stakes in their everyday lives make the relationships. They share between one another significantly more intense and we can’t help. But be glued to the pages when one of those relationships unfolds so today we are counting down the top 5 newest superhero couples now to take that with a grain of salt.

Harley Quinn and Nightwing

Our list with a pairing that is the literal definition of a hookup Harley Quinn and Nightwing this unlikely pairing tickled each other’s fancies in the Batman and Harley Quinn animated movie Nightwing tales. Harley from her undercover job and she manages to knock him out next thing he knows he’s tied up to a bed and things get steamy with Harley seducing him. They wouldn’t get real hot under the collar and Harley teasing him about thinking that he wasn’t into girls little dig at his Golden Age history with Batman. She also takes it they get him for his 90s hairstyles then the lights turn off Harley gets on top of him. And then we cut to later which Batman interrupts the aftermath needless to say it is definitely a scene you want to check out.

Jean Grey and pyro

Sort of in a fantasy reality we think so biro hasn’t really been in the Marvel Universe for some time now but with the dawn of X relaunch pyro has made a comeback in Marauders. In which he has a fantasy of sorts and this fantasy people are praising him fawning over him. He’s the best thing ever and Jean Grey hits on him while she lies on the hood of a really sexy car sure he is obviously imagining this and as of this recording. The issue that the sequence is in actually hasn’t come out yet comes out on March 4th so if you’re watching this and you’ve read the issue let’s know this comics will up the fantasy pyro and Jean Grey actually get it on.

Ramone watts in America Chavez

Ramone watts in America Chavez during the Fresh Start relaunch the most recent iteration of the Coast Avengers had America Chavez and Ramon watts on the team. Alongside Kate Bishop Johnny fuse watts one bullet and kiddo mega now the team tried to get financed by starring in a reality show that followed their exploits. So we got some pretty intimate on-camera interview moments with them ramona.k.a Loy started dating America. Before her powers became apparent and when the couple were captured and put in harm’s way Ramon’s mutant ability came to light she’s been permanently merged to vibranium. Coding her body in an impenetrable vibranium suit that she can manipulate in control. Similar to how the Venom symbiote can extend in form weapons. Anyway these two were a totally adorable couple in a series that had some really wonderful hilarious moments and we miss it get to see them on dates being real cute and stuff and yeah that’s a good time Maxine.

Mystique / Destiny

Mystique and destiny I feel like I’m really leaning into the gay on this list it’s a good thing while a mystique and Destiny’s relationship is nothing. New recent news out of x-men issue six gave us confirmation on something that fans have long suspected spoilers for this number by the way. Since that issue is pretty brand spanking new as of the time of this recording while the relationship between mystique and Irene Adler has long been brushed over the issue. Confirms that the two were in fact married in the current x-men story arc Xavier and Magneto continued to hold Irene’s resurrection over Mystique’s head using her one true love as a way to bribe her allegiance to them. And in the issue mystique pissed off at them rightfully so flat out shouts I want my wife back and it’s the first time we’ve ever heard their marriage be acknowledged at the time of their relationships.You can watchonlinemovies on Movie Hustle without any kind of hassle. Inception Chris Claremont had to fight against Marvel editors and was still somewhat prevalent comics code Authority about having an LGBTQ romance depict it. we hadn’t even seen the two kiss until 2019 s history of the Marvel Universe issue 2 Irene died in uncanny x-men issue 255 knowing what was going to happen. But want to save Raven meaning at some point these two were married off panel at some point prior to that moving on to.

Peter Parker / MJ (MCU)

Peter Parker and MJ in the MCU next up we have a couple from the Marvel Cinematic Universe one that comic book fans have long been familiar with except the MCU version is quite different than the Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. That we know from the comics in the recent spider-man far from home film the second and Spidey’s series from Disney Marvel Studios. One of the many outcomes of the movie’s conclusion includes Peter and MJ which stands for Michelle Jones. In this universe admitting their mutual feelings for one another it’s adorable and the big post-credits sequence involves them going on a really cute date. Where peter swings with her through the New York City skyline all before his identity is then cruelly revealed by Jenna Jameson that is regardless. we’re excited to finally have a couple of the MCU that we actually want to root for sorry you all know that Bruce and ethos were never going to work it was way too forced.