Wed. Nov 25th, 2020


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TOP 5 Places Where You Can Buy Elegant Cheap Dresses Online


Would you like to feel like a Hollywood diva on the red carpet? No problem! The only thing that you need is the right dress.

Fancy, elegant dresses are sometimes expensive but do not worry. It is possible to shop for outstanding clothes, for a small amount of money. Try to search on some of these TOP 5 online web stores where you can buy cheap dresses online. You can find something extraordinary, for some special events that you need to attend.

And if you still don’t have the opportunity to wear an elegant dress, you should buy one or two, just in case. The price is very affordable, and every girl should have, at least one evening dress in her closet.

Nihao jewelery

The first mention should be one of the best web online wholesale cheap dress stores. Here, you can find the perfect dress for your prom, sweet sixteen, your friend’s wedding or any other formal event that requires more elegant styling.

On Nihao’s web site, you can find dresses, starting from $10, or less.

In this web store, you can also buy other accessories that match with the dress. For example, jewellery, bags, hair accessories, etc. So no need to look for other fashion necessities on other places.

Nihao is currently offering a 7% discount on their products, so be sure to hurry up, and find the perfect dress for you.


Rosegal has a wide offer of the dresses for plus size women, especially when it comes to vintage models. On this web store, you will find lovely elegant dresses for any special occasion. Just choose the design: do you need a short or long dress, in one colour or with some cute prints on it?

The price range is also vast, but you will be able to find a nice dress starting from $20.

The web site is straightforward to use, so that is not going to be a problem. We already mention Rosegal’s vintage dresses, so if you are looking for something unusual, check this section first.

Unique Vintage

Unique Vintage is a great web store, where you can find something outstanding, especially if you need the prom dress. And check this out! They have the entire section of bride mates dresses. You and your friends can find something interesting in this section.

For those brides who doesn’t want a classic wedding dress, there is a large offer of dresses which can be a suitable substitute. There is also an excellent choice for plus size brides.

We suggest that you check the flapper dresses! Very unusual, but cute styling for clubbing and parties.

As for the price, you can buy dress on Unique Vintage, starting from approx $50.

City Chic

It is one more web store with an excellent offer for plus size girls. Starting from prom dresses, elegant, club, formal, date night dresses, etc. No matter how much do you weight, you are going to find something sexy and feminine on this online store.

Pricing starts from $40. Web store often offers a significant discount so that you can find the perfect dress for a small amount of money.

This online store offers some unusual designs of dresses which you will love. It is a perfect place for those girls who have their style and which don’t like to follow the current fashion rules.


In Aliexpress, you can find anything, literally, including evening gowns. Their offer is outstanding when it comes to evening dresses. Aliexpress has advanced search options, so you will easily find suitable wear for you.

You can find a dress for $5 or even less on Aliexpress, but we suggest that you should be careful. Cheap dresses on Aliexpress are usually lower quality, but that’s not always the rule. Luckily, you can check the reviews of previous buyers below every product and realistic pictures. That way you will know is some particular dress the right choice for you.

There are also more expensive dresses. For some of them, the price goes over $1000.

Anyone can find a suitable dress on Aliexpress. Some stores can even offer you free shipping and a 90% discount. Not to mention, discount coupons. Now, that’s an offer you won’t refuse.