Tue. Oct 27th, 2020


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Transportation, Logistics Workers Deemed Essential During Coronavirus Crisis

Transportation refers to the physical movement of all goods, whereas Logistics aims at reducing the cost incurred during transportation by using innovative technology and customized software. During Coronavirus Crisis the transportation of essential goods and commodities is important in order to avoid chaos and restore some normalcy in daily living. Transportation industry is critical for the effective and prompt distribution of goods. logistics and Transport companies are working overtime to deliver commodities in order to keep the important stores stocked in this crucial time, when mandatory quarantine is required to control the pandemic. It is important to prioritize activities which are basically connected to maintain continuity of operations and distribution of essential commodities.

Major challenges during corona virus crisis

Infrastructure Security and safe transportation are major issues which require a lot of consideration as people are advised to stay home. Food, medicines, agriculture transportation and logistics are vital feature of the essential and critical infrastructure of any country. Men and women can stay home but essential workers working for transportation and logistics companies need to report and execute their duties efficiently and with a lot of care. Their support is necessary in order to maintain economic and social security of the citizens of the country. They have an intrinsic role to play in order to protect public health, keep groceries on the shelf, perform countless essential services and ensure safety.

Transportation and logistics services play a key role;

In the current unprecedented times, when of Coronavirus Crisis has enveloped the entire world Transportation and logistics services are in so much turmoil and are presented with greater challenges. Few of Logistics Workers Deemed Essential During Coronavirus Crisis include people working for pharmacies, grocery stores, and other essential commodities. This set of workers are also risking their own health by working and exposing themselves to clients   even at places where people are advised to stay home. They are working diligently to ensure that the common man is not deprived of medicines, food and other necessities. Logistic and transportation companies are gearing to meet new levels of high demand.  

Identifying Logistics Workers Deemed Essential During Coronavirus Crisis

Transport and Logistics Workers Deemed Essential During Coronavirus Crisis are continually assisting to restock and replenish essential products across any county without any interruption.

These include;

  • Set of employees which are supporting or enabling important transportation functions such as dispatchers, warehouse workers, truck stop and rest area workers. Even maintenance and repair technicians, and workers who maintain and inspect infrastructure, and require cross-border travel are essential.
  • Set of employees which enable significant logistics operations to be conducted smoothly such as cooling, storing, packaging and distributing products for wholesale or retail sale or use are deemed essential.

Precautions necessary for logistics workers during corona virus crisis

Logistics Company Workers Deemed Essential During Coronavirus Crisis need to take important precautions. These include ‘

  • Wearing gloves
  • Wearing masks
  • Using alcohol-based hand sanitizers
  • Avoiding close contact with any person
  • Frequently washing hands with soap and water;
  • Avoiding touching the eyes, mouth or nose with unwashed hands;
  • Practicing good respiratory hygiene