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What is Voya Transit?

Voya Transit is a syndicate, specialized in delivering end to end solutions for the vehicles/automobile owners for complete management as well as tracking of their vehicles, ensuring seamless operations and escalated efficiency of their businesses.

Your vehicles and your drivers are one of the core components of your business, and the management/ tracking of both of these is crucial, not only to limit costs, but to keep your company operating efficiently and with high productivity. Thus the fleet management and administration is one of the significant Challenges in front of small as well as big companies.

The Voya Transit Company helps you to face the above challenges adequately by delivering end to end solutions to the vehicles/ automobile owners. By employing our solutions, you can direct your fleet as well as mobile workforce using a single comprehensive platform. Voya Transit delivers the Solutions that drive efficiency for a large number of businesses worldwide.

By maximizing productivity and efficiency, our solutions assist companies across a wide range of industries to serve their customers in the best possible way, providing a solid base to grow any business. Our Solutions adapt to the requirements of fleets of any size and assist businesses in creating improved success stories every day.

Companies around the world, use our fleet management system and fleet tracking systems to condense the operational complexity and aggregating the overall revenue. From field operations and legal compliance to driver safety and asset management, Voya Transit allows you to leverage the latest technology and provides you a competitive edge.


Voya Transit is a transit solutions syndicate, delivering end to end solutions / services to vehicles and automobile owners, worldwide, to ensure seamless operations and enhanced productivity. We are in the business from last 20 years and have recently emerged as one of the paramount IT solutions provider for the transport sector. Prominent IT Setups like Vista IT Solutions, LLC, are important clients of Voya Transit. Some of the Key Solutions provided by Voya Transit are:

Fleet Management System

Fleet management can comprise of a plethora of functions like vehicle maintenance, vehicle financing, vehicle telematics (diagnostics and tracking), speed management, fuel management, driver management and safety management. Fleet management assists the companies, which rely on transportation, to reduce costs, improve efficiency and productivity of the overall operations of the businesses along with providing 100 % compliance with reference to the government bodies.

Fleet Tracking System

Most of us own various vehicles. It can be either two wheelers vehicles, four wheeler vehicles or can also be trucks, autos, tempos, etc. These vehicles are our assets and their management and tracking is imperative under many situations. GPS fleet tracking system assists you to track your vehicle or a group (fleet) of vehicles, employing the GPS technology. It encompasses the installation of an electronic device in a vehicle or a fleet of trucks and by utilizing a sophisticated computer software, it facilitates the owner or a third party to track the locations of the vehicles in real time. The user can see the vehicle information on electronic maps through the web based solution. Along with the location of the vehicles the software also assists in providing important vehicle’s statistics like average speed of vehicle, distance travelled etc.

Telematics Solutions

Telematics is a broad term signifying monitoring of a vehicle. By combining the GPS system with on-board diagnostics, it is possible to record and map, where exactly a vehicle is, as well as, how fast the vehicle is travelling. It is helpful to determine the internal behavior of the vehicle and determining the maintenance issues as well as the general health of the vehicle. 

Apart from the above solutions, there is another product, Voya transit deals in-The GTFS MANAGER. Thus we provide top notch Information Technology Solutions to the transport sector, helping them to operate seamlessly in their operations. Our products are highly sophisticated and resilient to serve the modern transportation industry in an impeccable way.

What we do?

We are a top notch provider of IT solutions for Transport Sector including Fleet management system and Fleet Tracking System.

GPS Fleet Management Solutions

Your vehicles as well as other physical assets retain you in your business, and their performance is crucial to profitability, by making the best use of them as well as safeguarding this sizable investment. Information is vital and thus Voya Fleet Tracking System provides 24/7 access to the accurate data, helping users make insightful decisions speedily and with minimal risk. Some critical aspects of our solutions are:


  • Vehicle Location, Driver Status, Traffic Updates, Geo-Fencing and Event Replay
  • Instant vehicle and/or driver data at the job site or on the road
  • Top Level view for monitoring all the vehicles, with fleets of desired size


  • Navigation function that decodes an assigned route into detailed driving directions
  • Comparison of actual and planned travel to optimize routing on the move
  • Routing by destination or distance to allow for more productivity/ efficiency

Vehicle Analytics

  • Vehicle monitoring on route or during idling to keep track of performance
  • Real Time alerts to stay on top of Regular Maintenance timelines.
  • Advanced diagnostics to record as well as transmit fault codes for review

Connected Workflow

Voya Fleet Tracking System helps to streamline the fleet management by effective communication, which is clear, instant and in both directions between the Field and the Office. This means that objectives are understood completely, effort duplication is avoided, and less time and money is wasted. With Voya Fleet Tracking System the communication channel is accessible throughout all phases of operations, to minimize the delays and have everything moving with maximum efficiency. Some of the Common Features are:

  • Two Way Messagings
  • Can keep drivers as well as dispatchers connected during the whole days
  • Message formats are standard questions / instructions, fill-in forms and free texts
  • Route Requests in form of job site locationss
  • Platform Integrations
  • Can accommodate different software from diverse OEMss
  • Configured to decode all inputs into an integrated information streams
  • Designed to manage a high data volumes
  • Proactive Managements
  • Live updates on vehicles (Used for monitoring the on road activity)s
  • Behavior monitoring of Driver that provides an objective records
  • Alerts can be configured to appear in a cab and help in sharpening the driving skills


Staying forward of all the regulations takes time, but should not be ignored, as it is a legal requirement for doing business. To evade costly penalties and help reduce error, the Voya Fleet Tracking System’s automated system can help drivers and fleet managers remain on the right track by following procedures and maintaining records. Some of the common capabilities are:

·    Accurate ELDs

  • Accurate ELDs
  • Automated Record Keeping for high accuracy
  • The ELD record profile can offer an understanding of driver behavior
  • Easy and Immediate access for Inspection
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Inspection module for Tracking Service and Optimizing Schedules
  • Reduction / Elimination of paperwork
  • Quick roadside inspection Display
  • Smarter and Better Compliance
  • One platform for all the regulatory requirements
  • Clearly defined criteria to assist management in decision making
  • Can help to reduce the audits as well as corrections

Driver Safety

Fleet managers know the fact that following safe driving habits is imperative for many reasons. Safe driving protects the drivers as well as the general public on the road and it also lowers the operating costs. It reduces loss, and protects a company’s good record with regulators as well as insurers. Voya Fleet Tracking System can help to reinforce safe driving practices and equip the drivers to respond to the unexpected. Some of the key capabilities are:

  • Scorecards for Drivers
  • Quantitative as well as objective measure of Driver’s Performance
  • Allows for the ranking of drivers, for decisions on retention or compensation
  • Patterns of individual as well as group driver activities to identify areas requiring improvement
  • Event Viewer
  • Can record the unsafe driving events and see them on an interactive screen
  • Useful for developing a training program for drivers
  • Records which can act as evidence in potential litigation
  • Notifications within the Vehicle
  • Real Time alerts while moving on the road
  • Notifications for drivers, when safety boundaries are crossed
  • Driver overview of violations after the trip

Features Delivered

Real Time Tracking

Now you can start real time tracking through your smartphone or PC. The Voya Fleet Tracking system is a perfect solution for personal use concerning the tracking of car, bike, family members, etc. and also for business usage, concerning the tracking of vehicle fleet as well as employees. You can get different notifications as well as reports, can check driving speed as well as vehicle’s fuel consumption, travel history, stopovers and much more. The users can choose one of the map options comprising Google, OSM or Satellite and start using our fleet tracking system. 


Tracking a vehicle, mobile, person or any other crucial object has never been so easy. Feel safe as well as protected about your family and manage your business with expedient features. With Voya Fleet Tracking System you can access the most apposite notifications about your vehicle condition as well as driving behavior like driver’s stopovers, fuel consumptions, speeding and the distance that has been traveled. Apart from this, also get instant SOS alerts in cases of crisis or emergency. All notifications can be received easily on your computer, smartphone or tablet that works with Android, iOS, or Windows operating systems.

History and Reports

With our Voya Fleet Tracking System, different reports, comprising the history of your vehicles, people or smartphones can be downloaded in the required formats comprising PDF, CSV, XLS or TXT. Some of the critical reports spawned by our system comprise the exact location of the followed object, the distance travelled by the vehicle, fuel consumption, driving hours and vehicle stopovers. The detailed information presented can be saved on the laptop, smart phone or any other storage device. Along with valuable and effective features, the Voya Tracking System also delivers group reports solutions, which can be downloaded in a historical format

Fuel Savings

The Voya Fleet tracking System can have a substantial effect on the fleet management as well as personal prerequisites as it can be employed to lower the fuel consumption as well as monitoring the vehicle status. Use our tracking software to check the fuel level whenever you need it. The driver’s behavior concerning the fast accelerating, going over the speed limit and harsh braking has a direct influence over the fuel consumption and thus must be controlled prudently. The fuel sensor can help you to take a stand in case of driver fraud in fleet management.

Geo Fencing

Geo-Fencing is the capability to get vital notifications about the specific geographic boundaries that we are interested in. You can get real time alerts if the person in focus (Employee or a family member) enters or leaves the Geo zone which is marked. You can employ Voya Fleet Tracking System to get all the Geo-Referencing notifications on your smartphone, tablet or computer with a stable internet connection. We also deliver the option of using Geo-Fencing for personal use.

POI and Tools

POI or “Points of Interest” feature is the impeccable tool for adding the markers at the location which is required to be reached. It may comprise the most visited places for personal use and restaurants, gas stations or hotels in case of fleet management. With POI marked, one can also name one or more important place with the name convenient for the business purposes. Along with this POI also delivers the feature of measuring distance between one and another point on the map.


The Voya Fleet Tracking system is fully compatible with the mobile devices. You can start tracking your employees or family members by employing the mobile version of “Voya Fleet Tracking System”. You can download our GPS tracking app for Android, iOS as well as Windows.

SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway is one of the latest features leveraging the advanced technology, which allows to receive important notifications on the smartphones in form of SMS. Using the Voya Fleet tracking System you can get instant notifications about the exact location of object, vehicle speed of fleet, fuel consumptions and others in the form of SMS.


Voya Fleet Tracking System offers plethora of important accessories along with its regular offerings. Voya offers modern as well as very high quality sensors and accessories including camera, microphone, battery, sensor, engine on /off, AC on/off, satellite’s sensor and many others, making the professional tracking further intuitive. The accessories and attachments are available at very enticing prices.


Robust Mapping

Most of the functionality of a fleet management system is reliant on the mapping capabilities. The Voya Fleet Tracking System provides a colossal amount of information through the map, and thereby makes it easy to determine whether the driver had a good or a bad day. By displaying multiple routes at a single time on the maps, one can spot where these routes intersect, signifying inefficient routing. 

Advanced Reporting

The Voya Fleet Tracking System executes reporting in 3 categories:

  • Standard Canned Reports: The complete and Full-fledged Standard reports.
  • Filtered Reports: One can filter the output of the report by selecting a few options to narrow the data scope.
  • Custom Reports: Users can change the data scope as well as can alter the formulas to get required business intelligence.

The reports can be viewed online or can be downloaded in the Excel formats.

 Measure Driving Habits

The Voya Fleet Tracking System offers a highly sophisticated and exhaustive fleet management system available in the market today. The accelerometer used is a highly sensitive one and samples the data 100 times a second and on 4 axes. This aids the Voya Fleet Tracking System to recognize harsh driving habits which can lead to unsafe conditions as well as additional wear on your fleet.

Engine Diagnostics

One of the vital aspect to ponder is Scheduled V/S Unscheduled downtime. It is a known fact that the vehicles do not last forever and in order to be reliable they need regular maintenance. If we know, when to take a vehicle off the road and have a plan, it will surge the productivity, efficiency as well as business revenue and condense the operating expenses and maintenance. Voya Fleet Tracking System helps you in the above aspect by delivering Engine Diagnostics Capabilities.

Heart of a System

The Voya Fleet tracking System is unarguably the most versatile and powerful GPS tracking/telematics system available in the market. Its functionality and performance is incomparable to any other alternate GPS device. It delivers a single form factor to meet all your fleet tracking requirements.

ELD, DVIR, HOS, Dispatch

The Voya Fleet platform delivers many other services, which can be added to specific vehicles having distinct requirements. In the customization that we are offering, the customers will have to pay only for the exact services desired. With ELD directives in 2017, trucking companies and regional fleet operators are required to be able to expand to an ELD solution. With the Voya Fleet Tracking System, that is no problem as one can add HOS service when ready and follow FMSCA compliance with electronic driver logs.

3rd Party Integration

There are more than 100 integrations available with the Voya Fleet Tracking Platform. Integration services considerably expand the options for fleet managers and permit a business to meet new inevitabilities without having to go for a new GPS tracking system. Associates build attachments for services like fleet maintenance, fuel monitoring, in-cab video, temperature monitoring, Bluetooth attachments and more.

Data Integration

When a consumer desires more than the Voya Fleet Tracking System delivered in the standard fleet management system option, the open API and SDK can be employed to move critical data to the next level. The IT developers can use the industry standard APIs to fetch data into the customer’s database and aid to access more customer’s reports as well as application integration.

Who do we serve?

Voya Transit (Sectors We Cater)

If you own or manage any business that necessitates a fleet of vehicles/automobiles, our company “Voya Transit” can assist you to downrightly track and manage your automobiles. We help you save the expense as well as time and deliver a plethora of other benefits with the solutions, which are hassle free and embroils low maintenance. We are offering our solutions, to the following industry sectors:

  • Transportation Services
  • Taxi Services
  • Vehicle and Equipment Rentals
  • Delivery and Courier Services
  • College and Universities
  • Utilities
  • Maintenance and Repair Services
  • Security Services

Why Choose Voya Transit….?

Scalable & Powerful

We deliver solutions which are scalable as well as powerful and designed to nurture with your business. You don’t have to overpay for something that you don’t require. In the future if your requirements change, extra features can be speedily and effortlessly added into your existing solutions without having to buy expensive additional hardware.

Rockstar Customer Service

As a fleet management / fleet tracking solutions Provider Company, customer satisfaction is our prime focus. We work with you like a partner to achieve your objectives and Goals. With strategic vision, we make sure, you get the most out of our systems/products. Our support agents are available 24/7/365.

Lifetime Warranty

We offer a 30 days free trial and also deliver a lifetime warranty on all our products and solutions. We are confident of the services rendered and want to cultivate a lifelong relationship with you as an extremely satisfied client.