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Web Development Company In India

Web development company in india

Web Development is about creating applications which run in a browser. Some of those applications have their logic living on a web server which renders HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create an application.

Web developers today utilize about every major programming language to create web applications. To name a few of the most popular web development languages in no particular order:

1) Python 2) Java 3) ASP.NET 4) C++ 5) C

This is possible because the user interface of a web application is essentially HTML, CSS and JavaScript which can be generated by any programming language capable of generating text. When we are discussing about the website development. First we have to know the history of the web.

Web development started in a very different place than where it is now. Early Web development consisted mostly of creating static HTML pages and navigation was done exclusively by hyperlinks. They created a set of static web pages which were used to convey information and perhaps a few pictures which are all linked together with hyperlinks.

Early web developers utilized a technology called CGI to create the earliest web applications which were able to conditionally generate HTML depending on data, like query strings, which were sent from the browser to the server.

Now a web developer could create HTML mixed with special tags and markup to make the generation of that HTML conditional and could also execute certain logic to determine what kind of HTML to produce for a given web page.

When the browser technology started evolving and computer started getting faster. The demand for more complex applications. JavaScript started being used to expand the capabilities of many web applications. The Web Developers kept on trying to find ways to make the web more and more dynamic.

Eventually entire web applications were built dynamically without any page refreshers at all. These type of web applications are known as Single Page Applications. The web continues to move forward as it evolves to be more and more like desktop applications of the past, with the browser really starting to act like an operating system.

It has become so true and wonderful that Google created a web-based OS called Chrome OS in which the OS is basically the chrome web browser. One day everything will be hosted on the web because browsers will be powerful enough to run everything. It’s already moving in that direction as we see more and more cloud-based technologies coming up.

Some things have changed over the years, but the functionality of the web and its underlying technologies have mostly remained the same. A web browser is able to render HTML and CSS into a visible format which we call a web page. A web browser is capable of executing JavaScript to do various things including modifying the underlying structure of a web page.

Now lets talk about a few of the most common web development technologies. Let’s Begin Now:


This is the main source of web development. All Web development company in india must contain some HTML, because HTML is the basic building block of the web. You can build an entire web application just HTML (Hyper Text Mark Up Language) is used to specify the format and the layout of a web page.

Web browser will use the HTML and CSS and JavaScript to render a page. Now let’s get into the details of CSS.


Before CSS, HTML was used to both specify the format of a web page as well as to dictate how it should be displayed and styled. CSS was invented to solve this problem by separating the content of a web page from the styling of it. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) Can be linked to in a web page in order to define the styling for that web page.

If you want to change the color of a button, you can just modify one CSS file and all the buttons for the entire web application will change. If you are good with CSS, there is quite a bit you can do to change the presentation of a web page, from making elements appear or disappear to changing the locations of elements, resizing, changing fonts and just about anything else you can imagine.


When JavaScript first came out it was used for basic things on web pages. JavaScript has evolved to take a much more central role in web development. JavaScript is a fully-functional dynamic language which can be executed directly in the web browser.

JavaScript makes web pages more interactive and allows for programmatic manipulation of web pages and their content. JavaScript can directly interact with the DOM of a web page which is the underlying structure, the entire structure and style of a web page can be changed pro grammatically.

Behind the scenes, JavaScript is being used to create and manipulate DOM elements and even produce HTML or CSS that is part of the web page, or in this case, the web app. Both techniques can even be combined in a single web applications. So the conclusion is Website has developed with the technology. The main part of any website and its development has been its programming and designs. No matter how many designs and layouts the development will be based on programming.